Direct Payments in Marketplace
All transactions with ETH (Ethereum) can be made efficiently and security in our marketplace. Connect your Wallet, choose your NFT and purchase.Your NFT will be sent directly to your wallet.
Non-Crypto Payments
We also accept payment via wire transfer, if you are interested in paying via wiretransfer please fill out this form and we will contact you directly :
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Secure Transactions Leveraging
Best of BreedTechnology
Nftymuse leverages the latest in proprietary cloud-based, cryptographic Web3 technology, which inherits the world-class enterprise-level security of AWS’ RDS encrypted DB instances using AES-256 encryption at rest. Our front end stack is SOC 2 compliant with ISO 27001 certifications. You can find their security whitepapers here and here, respectively. In addition, we leverage industry-standard multi-factor authentication and robust permissions frameworks for additional data security. These levels of infosecurity as backed by AWS are now leveraged by some of the world's largest financial institutions and technology companies. For our platform infrastructure, the NFT creation and management is done via Rarible Protocol, utilized by the 2nd largest NFT marketplace behind Opensea, responsible for $20M of volume per month and growing. We also leverage NFT industry standard IPFS (i.e. interplanetary file system), a cryptographically secure distributed peer-to-peer file storage service. IPFS is leveraged by the majority of NFT platforms due to its decentralized, censorship-resistant nature and lack of a single point of failure and attack vector.